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"We see children as scientists and creators at the same time, with feelings and thinking woven inextricably together. Natural Play seeks to feed children's curiosity, fascination, wonder, awe and to provide satisfaction of their deep drive to learn and make meaning."




As Margaret McMillan said:

"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky."


You may have noticed a few changes to our garden. We are taking part in an outdoor play project. We are creating a secret garden and will soon introduce a new climbing log. Our aim is to offer the children even more interesting, exciting and challenging experiences. Let us know what you think.

We believe children need regular contact with the outdoors to help them grow and learn. In our garden the children can explore nature and use their body in a stimulating and varied space.  Our children have the opportunity to explore, challenge themselves and take risks to develop their confidence, thinking, social and physical skills. 

We want our children to be willing to have a go, to persevere, to solve problems and to be creative.

Jan White in her blog on natural play describes the benefits for children of learning in the outdoors.

We are very interested in risk in play and want our children to benefit from challenging themselves.  We have been sharing ideas with Bernard Spiegel from  PLAYLINK to think about the ways we use our outdoor and how adults support the children.  As PLAYLINK says "there is a necessary and positive relationship between risk and play"



We love a challenge in our garden ! 

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We love this blog "let the children play".  Click on this button to be inspired !

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